What We Do


Collins BIS is a highly specialized investment management research organization. The company searches out and evaluates small investment managers who practice a deep value-based discipline. This research provides candidates to manage personal assets for Budge Collins.


Collins BIS actively sponsors education programs on deep value investing. The firm’s consistent advocacy for value investing has won industry-wide respect and admiration.

Through publications, meetings and a network of personal contacts, Collins BIS provides continuing information about the tenets of value investing to investment officers of endowments, family offices, foundations and pension funds. The firm also contributes generously to the Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing at Columbia University, where Budge Collins is an active member of the Advisory Board of Directors.

In addition, Collins BIS hosts two investment colloquiums each year attended by senior investment officers of large institutional investment organizations. Involvement is limited to approximately 25 participants. This guarantees three days of high level investment discussions and meaningful networking opportunities. About one third of the participants repeat the colloquiums—some as many as 15 times.


As an adjunct to its principal activity, Collins BIS introduces a small number of these managers to the largest and most sophisticated institutional investors in North America.

Representing investment managers to institutions performs a service to managers and institutions alike. First, a manager’s time is best spent managing his portfolio. Second, institutions welcome information about talented managers. And third, Collins BIS acts informally as a research affiliate for institutions looking for fresh, small, value managers who have not yet been discovered.