We’ve sponsored over 50 of these Colloquiums over the last 30 years, one or two per year.

We always sponsor our Aspen Winter Colloquium the first week after Thanksgiving. These are limited to a maximum of 20 institutional investors. It’s populated with Chief Investment Officers, Heads of Alternative Investment departments, and other highly regarded senior institutional executives.

Every participant presents her or his best investment idea and leads group discussion until the questions end. We always have one or two special guests. In the last five years, they have included Bruce Greenwald, Director of the Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing at Columbia University; Mason Hawkins, Chairman and CEO of Southeastern Asset Management; Seth Klarman, Founder and CEO of the Baupost Group; Michael Price, Founder and CIO of MFP Partners; Van Hoisington, Founder and President of Hoisington Investment Management; Scott Callon, Founder and CEO of Ichigo Asset Management; and Sam Zell, Chairman of Equity International.

Participants treasure their one-on-one networking opportunities at our Colloquiums. We make it easy for you to network by distributing participants’ contact information well in advance of the event and making sure all participants have the opportunity to meet alone with the other participants. The networking appointments are established before the event.

Collins Colloquiums:
Future Dates to be Announced